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Top Frameworks

Streaming AI Business Decisions

Albanero’s Data.Now quickly enables organizations to stream data. How enabled will you be if you can get important information about your business immediately.   Notifying you of key information that you can make real time decisions on.   

For example, let’s say one of your suppliers increases the price on a key component of one of your major products you are instantly informed so that you can take action to protect your margin. Or you could wait for your finance guy to give you power point with data that is four weeks old.

Another example is that one of your manufacturing IOT device that monitors a key component of your infrastructure instantaneously lets your organization know that the device is operating outside of key indicators. Couple Data. Now’s instantaneous data stream with Albanero’s Instant .AI framework that intelligently determines the best solution and applies that fix. Or you could wait for the component to melts down and bring your operations to halt, losing your organization time and money.

Albanero’s frameworks let your organization get up and running fast leveraging best in class open source. This reduces your total cost of ownership.  

BlockChain Security

Do you really think your data is protected?

Have you notice almost every quarter there is a major announcement of a data hack?

It is obvious that applying old school technology thinking is not solving the ever changing security world.

Secure.Chain is a framework that allows organizations to leverage blockchain to secure your data. Secure.Chain encrypts your organizations data and ledgers every change that is made to that data. Add Albanero’s Personas that assign who can see what data.   Across your organization and partners your organization will be enabled to assign not only who can have access to your data but how can they consume it.

This allows organization to have detailed control of their data. This is the basis of truly controlling and governing your corporate data.

The obvious use case is that your organizations corporate data is now completely secure. Not only is it encrypted but also it is also adding security where it makes sense at the data layer. Using personas to provide.

Or you could wait for Putin to hack in and make all your private data available on the dark web.   Your choice.

Streaming Data Catalog

Albanero’s Hybrid.Catalog allows organizations to start to gain control of their corporate data. Cataloging data throughout an organization can be a daunting task. Especially with the move to the cloud. Is your data that on premise the master, or is the cloud the master? Are you duplicating data? What is your data strategy?

Albanero’s Hybrid.Catalog uses opensource and data strategies to inventory your organizations data assets. We use metadata to help organizations manage your data. This allows your organizations data professionals to gain control of your corporate data. Giving your business users the right data at the right time to improve your organizational performance.

Our framework and accelerators let you take control of your data without purchasing costly enterprise software.

Or you could pay for new yacht for Larry.

Streaming Data Governance

We have all heard the statement; Garbage in, Garbage out. As soon as humans started using computers till now that statement rings true. The problem is, now is you have so much data you don’t know what to do with it. Adding to that complexity add multiple division, multiple country, multiple environments (Dev, Test Prod, Cloud, On Premise).  Who owns the customer master, product master, why are there duplicates?

But didn’t all the large SI that you have spent millions of dollars with promise that data warehousing, data lakes, and if your advanced data cataloging would solve this mess? Well if they solved this mess what would they charge you for tomorrow?

When you have a mess how do you solve it when it stays in a mess? Albanero’s solution solves the problem proactively from the sources. By using streaming data and managing it from the source we start to control the data from its inception.    

Top Solutions

Kafka Accelerator

“Apache Kafka is an open-source distributed event streaming platform used by thousands of companies for high-performance data pipelines, streaming analytics, data integration, and mission-critical applications” (kafka.aphache.org).

Why reinvent what has already been done. Plug in our Kafka accelerator and provide your organization with real solutions. Teach your team new technology with solutions that are already working in the field on massive amounts of data.      

Terraform Accelerator

Moving to the cloud? Should you throw all control of your organization to the large cloud providers? Or should you maintain control.

Teraform allows you to manage your infrastructure as code. Automating all the control of your environments. Stop managing your infrastructure manually.  

Albanero’s accelerators allow you to increase your speed in implementing Terraforma and transforming your organization with infrastructure as code.

Consul Accelerator

Don’t give Bezos control of your organization? Why not leverage the best cloud for your organizations needs.  AWS, AZURE, GCP, On Premise Consul allows you to manage your data seamlessly across all cloud platforms.

Albanero’s accelerators allows you to increase your ability to manage multiple cloud environments with Consul.   Giving you the capability and resources to increase your capabilities.

Vault Accelerator

Don’t let the bad guys in. Vault Manages Secrets and Protect Sensitive Data

Secure, store and tightly control access to tokens, passwords, certificates, encryption keys for protecting secrets and other sensitive data using a UI, CLI, or HTTP API.

Albanero knows security.   Albanero brings accelerators for your different security needs. Keep the FSB (KGB) and MSS out of your data.