Data Migration

Mindful migration, moving at the speed of innovation

Simply moving to new technologies and new platforms won’t solve challenges unless they are the right platforms—and are moved to in the right ways.

Most organizations have attempted to solve their data issues by moving data to new technology, over and over again, as new technology comes to market.

Albanero’s Data Migration

solution leverages proven approaches, applied to the technology to ensure that moving your data to a new cloud platform is smooth, efficient and ultimately useful for you and your business needs.

Our migration strategy includes multiple phases to
  • discover
  • understand
  • prepare
  • transform
  • then ultimately load
your data into a solution that offers data clarity and precision that you can trust.

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The Power
of the Platform

Our mesh platform redefines data management—for the better.

The key benefits of the Albanero approach.

  • Simple interfaces
  • Machine learning
  • Robust security


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