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Because technology never stays the same

We enable technology to solve your problems.

Are you tired of the long-promised technology silver bullet that will finally enable your business?

Large consulting companies have preyed on companies with guarantees of solutions, but deliver nothing tangible short of a few expensive PowerPoint presentations. Businesses are seduced with terms like AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Cloud. Yet it’s critical to define the business value first before deploying technology.

Albanero does things differently.

We identify your challenges with you and employ the best, most relevant technology solution.
With the evolution of cloud development, DevOps, and open source, solutions are rapidly becoming more viable than legacy developed software. This enables your organization to take advantage of rapid solutions at a significantly lower capital cost. Albanero has developed frameworks and solutions that enable rapid deployment of a holistic solution.

Evolve with
the Albanero Platform

Change the face of your business with our data management platform and bundled solutions that will help you:


Scale your data management tools and strategies with demand


Create intuitive personas to drive AI and dynamic learning


Reduce O&M costs by leveraging data intelligently across the enterprise

Our Solutions
Your Business.

Swimming in bad data? Is your data stale or stuck in a legacy data warehouse and you don’t see it until it’s too late? Does storing your data in a deep dark data lake sound productive?

Embrace the fast-moving world of real-time data. Following data are critical for your business’

  • IOT Edge
  • Distribution
  • Customer
  • Manufacturing
  • Employee
  • Product
  • Retail
  • Finance

Thus, it’s essential to use, manage, and govern that data in real time – instead of storing it in an old database that’s not well managed or governed.

Data Security is the next Big Concern

Then, there is the issue of security. Layering legacy outdated software applications on top of your applications to try to manage who can use your data is an obsolete approach. Maintaining security at the data level via blockchain ensures that all transactions on that data are ledgered and controlled.

This is what
Albanero does

Building solutions that enable your business.

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